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Trips to Germany

Here is what I posted on Facebook in Oct. 2013. The trip will likely happen:

Want to hang out with me for two weeks in my place in the Black Forest, Germany? Improve your German. Talk theology. Cultural immersion. Fireside. Cook German food. And drink…uhm whatever we drink over there. Visit cool university towns and a castle or two. And (sadly, but importantly) a concentration camp. Go shopping together. A few German movies maybe. Language and culture classes. At my house e
very morning. Eat out once a day. Mostly self-catering. We shop. We cook. We wash up. Meet friends of mine. And non-friends too. And family. See Heidegger’s hut. Talk about… whatever you wanna talk about. Improve your German by a mile. Like at church. I’ll pick you up at Stuttgart airport. Return you there two weeks later. Fly together if you want. Leave Minneapolis arund Dec. 27th. Back to the States 10-14 days later. Sleep at my house, or wherever I find a bed for you. You’ll have your own room. I think. Spend $1100 on the flight. Another $1100 on everything else. All inclusive. Ok, trinkets are on you. If you live elsewhere in the States, doesn’t matter. I’ll try to get academic credits for those who want it. Via Bethel Uni. Tell me if you’re in. I hope you’re coming. Ps: I’m not kidding. Let’s do it!
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